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23 June 1998

Caldera is releasing a public beta of its new NetWare server for Linux. It will provide NetWare file, print and directory services. A three user license will be available for download on wednesday. After the beta period, the three user version will continue to be free.

PBS' Robert Cringely sheds some light on the recent PowerPC schism between IBM and Motorola. Apple, he says, the only company using PowerPC chips for consumer PCs, will probably not be affected by the split.

Avalon, the so-called "mail order supercomputer," a Linux/Alpha creation comprised of 68 high end PCs connected together, ranked among the 500 fastest supercomputers at the Supercomputer '98 conference in Mannheim, Germany. At $150,000, the Avalon comes in at about a tenth ot the cost of your typical supercomputer.

The Detroit Free Press published an article about alternatives to the upcoming Windows 98, mentioning that, "Although none will run the variety of programs that Windows 95 or 98 can run, you may find that a different OS crashes less, makes your life easier and even looks better on the screen." It's pretty comprehensive, mentioning most of the major alternative OS players.

A San Francisco Chronicle article covers Microsoft's domination of the PC Expo in New York and takes a swing at Be OS and Jean Luis Gassee at the end.

Novell is licensing Intel source code to help the roll out a new Java Virtual Machine and jump start its server-side Java strategy. It will not be available with NetWare 5.0, due this summer, but in a version due next year.

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