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23 March 1998

According to Macintouch, the rumored Apple network computer in the works, which some have reported to be a set top "appliance," will be a G3 Macintosh with network booting capability.

A small Info World tidbit covers the Be OS for Intel release, which costs $69.95.

In another blow to the "write once, run anywhere" vision of Java, Hewlett Packard has developed its own version of Java for embedded systems, bypassing JavaSoft's PersonalJava. There are a lot of complicated issues involved here: Microsoft will be a licensee, HP will be submitting its Java as an open standard, heading Sun off at the pass, and this particular JVM leaves out some features that Sun insists be included. The worst part for Sun: HP's is shipping today, while their version is not yet released. Read the excellent Wired News article for more info.

MSNBC is covering Ralph Nader's campaign to urge PC makers to provide alternative operating systems (Linux, Be, OpenDOS, Rhapsody) on PC's for users who might prefer an alternative to Microsoft.

Wow! you can now pre-order Windows 98. Pre ordering will not assure that you receive it any sooner, nor will they give you any idea when it will be released, but hey, it's a badge of distinction.

If you've been hungry for news about Rhapsody, since Apple has been so tight-lipped, reportedly Steve Jobs admitted that Rhapsody plans will be made clear at the upcoming Apple developer's conference, WWDC.

On the other hand, if you're willing to settle for speculation, Macosrumors has a very exciting picture of the Apple OS strategy.

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