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24 April 1998

Macintouch has some benchmarks comparing Motorola's 300 MHz G3 PowerPC chip to Intel's line, including the Pentium II 400 MHz. The verdict? The PowerPC beats it out. (and draws one fifth the power)

Sun Microsystems announced a major restructuring yesterday.

According to CEO Steve Jobs' words at the annual shareholders meeting, Apple Computer is considering the possibility of licensing the Newton technology. Certain technologies will not be licensed, however, since they will be integrated into new Apple products.

IBM and Intel will be working together to produce a high performance JavaOS for the Intel platform. This represents a schism in the newly-united NC world, as these NCs will adhere to a different standard from IBM's current PowerPC-based NCs.

The Federal Trade Commission approved the Intel-Digital deal that involves the sale of Digital's chip manufacturing facilities and the cross-licensing of patents. However, the FTC is apparently trying to assure that the Alpha chip remains a viable alternative to Intel's products. The primary change that the FTC imposed on the deal is that Digital must commit to forging relationships with other companies to produce its Alpha processors, presumably so that Intel would not be able to simple swallow it up. IBM and Samsung will be producing Alpha chips for Digital.

An article in Salon Magazine suggests that Microsoft could release the source code to its operating systems. To it's credit, the article's author doesn't think that it's likely to happen, but it examines the tremendous advantages of open source software.

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