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24 August 1998

OS News' latest feature article covers issues surrounding the Be OS making a foray into the enterprise. The Be OS is a powerful, modern operating system. What prevents it from making a splash in business?

The Win32-OS/2 Project has announced that its next release may automatically convert Win32 programs to native OS/2 executables, eleminating the need for users to convert the applications before running them. Also see the January OS News article on the project.

In the latest Be Newsletter, Jean-Louis Gassee talks about the connection between the Amiga and the Be OS. He insists that the connection is purely spiritual, as many Be folks appreciated the Amiga in its day, and were happy to see it get a new lease on life. As for rumors of a BeOS/Amiga product, they're just that, rumors.

TechWeb put Apple's claims of fast PowerPC G3 performance to the test, and found that indeed the processors are much faster than their Intel counterparts. However, they found that in "real world" tests, the Windows systems' graphics performance was much better, resulting in better performance overall. Strangely, these tests were performed with the Mac's graphics acceleration turned off, which essentially cripples the high performance graphics card.

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