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24 February 1998

Netscape has set up a new organization with a new web site to support the transition of its browser source code to free software. They insist that even though the organization will need to be dominated by Netscape staff at first, the torch will be passed eventually to people outside the company. The site is called mozilla.org, and the source will be posted there on March 31.

The Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting article that proposes that Intel's upcoming Merced chip will be a huge boost for Unix. It will be Unix systems that will be able to take advantage of Intel's new 64 bit architecture, not Windows NT. The high end Unix market is domniated now by RISC-based machines bundled with a version of Unix specifically for that hardware (Solaris for Sun Machines, HP-UX for Hewlett Packard, etc.). Those days may be nearing an end, as many companies may choose Intel's processors rather than make their own in the coming years.

Intel will license the StrongARM processor for use in low cost computing devices. The StrongARM is used in devices like the Newton Messagepad and Corel's prototype Linux-based network computer.

Exciting news! For the low, low price of $29.95 US you can purchase an essentially unuseable beta version of Windows 98.

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