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24 March 1998

In a boost for Java functionality, Apple announced Quicktime for Java, which gives Java applications access to Java content and functionality. Quicktime has become somewhat of a standard for cross platform graphics, sound, video, text, music, VR and 3D, and should be able to provide a richness of possibilities for Java.

Macintouch is reporting that the Netscape Communicator source code will be released to developers on March 31. The official site for the Netscape open source project is mozilla.org.

An EE Times article covers the organization of a consortium of system and component companies that have organized into the Mobile Advisory Council (MAC) to determine design issues for the next generation of mobile computing devices. Though the article mentions the fact that some of these companies feel that Microsoft and Intel's vision of the future in that arena is incomplete, the rest of the article covers mostly Windows CE devices. More interestingly, there is talk of PowerPC and StrongARM-based Windows CE devices in the works, in addition to the current MIPS ones.

A builder.com article entitled The Great Linux Experiment is newly updated, and covers one power user's study into Linux as an alternative to Windows. The experiment involves using only Linux for a month. The author is now in his second week.

A very short press release announced that Fuji Electric will manufacture 10,000 network computers in the next 12 months.

Ericsson will be licensing Java for use in cell phones.

Caldera and Helius announced the realease of DirecPC for OpenLinux. This is the first port of the DirecPC high speed internet access via digital satellite to any non-windows platform. This will be especially powerful as a satellite-to-LAN solution for schools and small businesses.

Cool OS of the day: FreeDOS.

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