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24 October 1997

ZDNet has an informative article about Lucent's Inferno Network Operating System. It clarifies the difference between it and Sun's Java OS. Java and Inferno, in fact, can work in tandem, as Inferno will run applications written in Java. The article also makes clear that Lucent is aiming INferno at a much narrower developer base, including the makers of PDAs, set top boxes, and other "information appliances" (though, presumably, its potential is very wide).

Aberdeen Group published an account of one company's migration from OS/2 to Windows NT. It's not pretty. Much of their woes undoubtedly stem from becoming accustomed to differences and being forced to re-build in months what may have been gradually created over years, so the Windows NT system itself is certainly not completely at fault. Nevertheless, this is a sobering article for anyone considering the change, as so many companies have been, whether from OS/2, Macintosh, or UNIX.

Is there an application that you would like to see ported to Rhapsody, or do you have a specific request for the OS itself? Mac Requests, an advocacy group, is sponsoring a Rhapsody Requests site.

Though it has so far gotten little mainstream media coverage, Computer Shopper noticed that the Be OS for Intel processors will ship in January. The article contains some high praise for the nascent OS.

IDC is giving out free copies of NT vs. UNIX, Myth or Reality to those members of the "IS community" willing to fill out a form.

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