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25 August 1998

PC Week tested the NT 5.0 beta, and found that Microsoft engineers are making a noble effort at delivering the features that have been promised, but that they have miles to go. One point of sunshine in all this delay for Microsoft: in trying to get NT 5.0 to work, engineers have tracked down some longstanding bugs in 4.0, which should be patched with upcoming service packs.

Macosrumors is reporting estimates that Mac OS X Server (aka Rhapsody 1.0) will be released in the next month or two.

An Internet World article takes a look at Corel's Netwinder mini Linux workstation. Though skeptical at first, the reviewer was wowed by the diminuitive workstation, and believes that the Netwinder, and Linux, may have a chance at the corporate desktop.

An LA Times article reports on local scientitsts needing processing power to crunch atmospheric data building a supercomputer with 16 cheap PCs and Linux.

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