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25 june 1998

A reader attended the midnight Windows98 release at his local CompUSA. He left with some insight into how a very right company can create some enthusiasm about an unexciting product release

A friend of mine and I went to CompUSA to taunt the lemmings who would show up at midnight to buy Windoze98. When we arrived, we were shocked that so many people were lining up at midnight to purchase Windoze98.

However, when we finally made it in we saw that most people were running for specially boxed monitors and computers. After a while of playing with a desktop G3 I ran into someone--for the second time--who was just there to observe. She had found out that the big fuss was that CompUSA was selling 15" monitors for $98 and PCs for $98. The PC was a 266Mhz Intel Celeron with 1.2GB HD and 32MB RAM. My friend, who is in the market for a HD, also found out that they were selling 5.2GB drives for $98, but they ran out.

The moral of the story is that the photographer who was there didn't take pictures of the crowds rushing for the discounted merchandise. She was too busy taking pictures by the Windoze98 boxes. She even managed to get a shot of a proud owner of Windoze98 by the cash register. That is, after the real business had gone through.

Wow! Jesse Berst really hates Windows98. Why? Because it's a rip off. Bug fixes and hardware support that should have been available years ago for free, and, worst of all, as hardware and software keeps getting cheaper, Windows just goes up in price.

A class action suit has been filed against Microsoft claiming that, essentially, lack of quality control mixed with false claims of improvement and stability have resulted in "compensable damages" in lost data and lost time. The suit is being filed on behalf of 150 million Windows users.

We neglected to include the link to the Detroit Free Press article about challenges to Windows on the 23rd. Here it is.

Operating System of the day: MagiC. Derived from TOS for the Atari, MagiC is compatible with programs designed to run on TOS. It runs on Atari and on top of Windows and the Mac OS too.

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