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25 November 1997

Apple's upcoming NC's (Network Computers) will either use Gigabit Ethernet or Firewire, according to the Mac OS Rumors gossip. The server's will most likely run Rhapsody while the clients run Mac OS.

In contrast to yesterday's news that OS/2 refuses to die, ZD Net news reports that IBM is reorganizing its Personal Software Products division. Development for Warp, the consumer version of OS/2 is over and the newly formed Network Computing Software division will focus it's efforts on Java and networking solutions.

Netscape Communications is buying Kiva Software for $180 million, says a NY Times article. Netscape acquired the small software company in order to make itself "a leading provider of application server software for the computer programs that large organizations use to tap into the Internet and develop their own Internet-based networks." Netscape is obviously positioning itself to tap into a large business market.

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