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26 February 1998

An Infobeads story discusses how Linux is filling the gap in Microsoft's OS strategy. They have positioned NT at large businesses, Windows98 at consumers, and have left the small business market open to Linux.

A Palm Pilot emulator for Windows CE has been developed. There aren't currently any Windows CE machines fast enough to run it effectively, but I'm sure it's good for a few thrills.

Netscape has decided to put its Java-based web browser, dubbed "Javagator," on hold. The decision seems to be based primarily on doubts that Java-based NCs will catch on any time soon.

Microsoft has announced that Windows NT 5.0 is right on schedule. The catch? They won't tell anyone what that schedule is.

This just in: Microsoft will be offering free popcorn and T-shirts to attendees of their Microsoft Extreme Windows98 demo at movie theatres across the country.

The 86open project aims to establish a common programming and binary interface for all the different Unix (for Intel) platforms. This would eliminate the need for applications to be ported between the different platforms, making the 86open unixes much more appealing to developers. According to their web site BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, SCO OpenServer, Sunsoft Solaris X86, SCO UnixWare.

News.com reports on an IDC study saying that Java adoption in the business world is on the rise. This is good news for the Java world, which seems to have been losing some of its momentum over the past months. (See Netscape announcement above).

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