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26 June 1998

Linux is the darling of the media this month, and Salon Magazine cuts through the superficialities with one of the most thorough and honest articles on Linux and its chances in the mainstream that the non-techie media has produced so far. The author of the article also takes it upon himself to review several Linux distributions in order to answer the eternal question: is Linux ready be used by non-hackers yet?

Bill Gates claims that he's never had a customer even mention the word Linux and predicts that Windows 98 will sell like gangbusters in a ZDNet interview. Meanwhile, Microsoft stock took a downturn once Wall Street figured out that Win98 was not going to be a big seller.

A Yahoo article also covers Win98's lackluster reception.

Toshiba will be licensing Solaris (Sun Microsystems' Unix OS) for its new Intel-based servers.

A Salon Magazine article covers the subject of emulators, specifically those used to run old video games on a PC. Emulation technology is coming of age, and though it is used today mostly to let you play Donkey Kong on your PC or run a DOS program on your Mac, as computers get more powerful and emulation gets better, computer users may be presented with more choices.

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