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27 April 1998

Our long awaited continuation of our regular Linux column has been picked up by Red bHat's Donnie Barnes. This month's Linux article covers RAID solutions for Linux machines.

According to a PC Week article, twelve US states are preparing to block the shipment of Windows 98 until they can hold formal hearings regarding alleged anticompetitive practices. Microsoft is already rushing to release Windows 98 before the Department of Justice can put forth its grievances, which might also hamper the release of Microsoft's OS upgrade.

An Info World article chronicles Marc Andreessen singing the praises of Linux, and the free software movement that Linux represents, as a logical alternative to Microsoft products.

Mac OS 8.2, due to ship this summer, sports lots of PowerPC-native code, making it speedier, and numerous interface improvements, reports MacWeek. Tests of an alpha version of OS 8.2 by OS News staff concur with these reports. It's quite stable for an alpha, and the improvements are not just fluff, although we could live without the feature that lets every movement and click cause a sound. It's fun for about a minute.

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