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27 August 1998

This week's Linux Weekly News covers the issues surrounding the trademark of the Linux name, the ongoing saga of the efforts to standardize Linux, and the wave of FUD that many people feared would come after the mainstream press' honeymoon with Linux wore off.

A News.com article reports that version 3.2 of the Be OS, demonstrated in Germany this week, adds support for more Pentium circuit boards and G3 PowerPC upgrade cards (though still no support for new G3 Powermacs), improved DOS support and a revamped web browser.

Slashdot has published a summary of the Freedows Project, a new operating system based on a modified version of the Stanford Caching Model of Operating System Functionality. This OS, which lends itself especially well to emulation, will have components for emulating common OSes, Linux and DOS coming first. A group is working on Win32 capability too.

Caldera is claiming that Microsoft did not hand over all the Windows and DOS source code it was compelled to do under court order, and will be returning to court to get it. Caldera alleges that Microsoft purposely engineered Windows to work only with Microsoft DOS, in order to illegally stifle competition.

Motorola will be rolling out a new set top box providing internet and other capability to consumers through their televisions. They have licensed technology from Spyglass for their new box, which they claim will have functionality not offered by other set top boxes.

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