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27 February 1998

An Investor's Business Daily article discusses Gateway 2000's plans for the Amiga. Apparently, Gateway promises that it will release their business plan for the Amiga this week. The delay has been attributed to the resignation of the Amiga's champion at Gateway, former CEO Richard Snyder.

Another Investor's Business Daily article examines the reasons behind Commodore's failure. No advertising, an inability to shed its "toy" image, and inability to focus on the Amiga's strengths cause the company's failure, according to this article.

In a move that will no doubt anger many people, Apple Computer officially announced that it is discontinuing development of the Newton OS. While it will presumably continue to make Messagepad and eMate-like devices, they will run a "lite" version of the Mac OS. How much this "lite" Mac OS will be like the current Newton OS is uncertain.

Apple has also released details of its higher education scholarship program for Rhapsody. The program essentially allows educational institutions to sign up as developers and receive developer materials (like Rhapsody developer releases) for free.

Netscape is now denying that they're suspending development of the so-called Javagator Java-based web browser.

Sun Microsystems has announced new Java functionality that allows user interface elements to be altered or to be set to emulate the look and feel of popular platforms like Windows, Mac, Solaris, or a special Java look and feel.

Stepwise has a deconstruction of the much-disseminated Gartner Group evaluation of Rhapsody. This evaluation, though very short, is fraught with inaccuracies.

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