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27 January 1998

Claris Corp. is being stripped down and absorbed back into Apple. Apple will retain control of the development and control of its OS. After laying off 300 employees, Claris will become Filemaker Inc. and devote itself to the popular Filemaker Pro database software. Macweek reports that Claris attempted unsuccessfully to sell off Filemaker to both Microsoft and Oracle. The fate of Emailer is in the air--some claim it will be killed while others speculate it will be incorporated into a future release of the Mac OS.

Macosrumors is reporting that Microsoft will replace Windows 9x with a "Consumer Version" of Windows NT, or Windows NTC. It seems that pressure from the continuously improving alternative OS market has pushed Microsoft into abandoning its shaky Windows 95 platform. This could seriously delay the introduction of Microsoft's next consumer OS.

Macosrumors is also suggesting that another Rhapsody developer release may be on the way.

Motorola and Sun Microsystems have announced a huge licensing deal for Java. Motorola will license java for use in electronics like smart cards, automotive components, computers, and wireless phones. This is the biggest Java license so far.

MSNBC reports on a very cool, if not exactly full-featured, Internet Operating System. It provides word processing, email, and web design applications accessible over the internet. This is especially good for roamers who use other people's PCs or for users of WebTV or other appliances that don't have hard drives. ICentral, Inc. has an application called ShopSite which works in a similar way, allowing a merchant to design and manage a web-based store through a browser.

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