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27 March 1998

Straight from the horse's mouth, read about Microsoft's curriculum to train teachers to move from Mac to Windows 95.

C|Net has a wonderful article covering alternative operating systems for Intel hardware. Though it maintains that Windows, because of its dominance, will still be the right match for many people, it examines, fairly and completely, the major options. There's even a fun quiz to help you determine which OS is right for you. It recommended Linux for me.

An MSNBC article covers the minor controversy surrounding Apple's recent ad campaign featuring a burning "bunnyperson." Though the IBM/Motorola-produced PowerPC G3 chips are indeed faster than the Pentium II, Intel believes that the parody of the trademarked clean suit dancer might spark a lawsuit.

Remember that stupid rumor we reported that Microsoft will be producing Windows 98 for PowerPC hardware? Macorsrumors is digging a little deeper into it, and has some interesting speculation. It's still a stupid rumor, but it makes a little more sense.

A Gamespot report debunks rumors that Quake for Be OS is already complete and ready to ship.

Let us all mourn. Microsoft has now officially announced that DOS will die with Windows 98. After Windows 98, Microsoft's consumer operating system will be based on what is currently Windows NT. Amazingly, a Microsoft executive admitted in this conference, "We build confusing systems . . . The number of questions we get on our support line imply we haven't done a very good job." and promised that reducing Windows' outrageous total cost of ownership issues are a high priority.

Internetnews.com covers Corel's new Open*J plans.

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