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27 May 1998

The InfiniteOS folks may have posted their source code a little early. Though they are still a step ahead of Omega, whose vaporOS never saw the light of day, an examination of their source code reveals that their aims may be a bit too ambitious. An OS News reader writes:

I looked very carefully through the source code and all I found was some partially implemented parts of very simple multithreaded OS kernel. The code has only limited support for the Mac hardware and MacOS device drivers. There is some support for traps that open and close HFS vols and files, and some simple drawing primitives, but not a lot else.

The code base provides none of the services that one would expect a modern OS to support, nor does it provide a stable foundation on which such services could be built.

InfinityOS was originally touted as a MacOS replacement but as it stands it only support 8 of the 3500+ traps in the MacOS - and the 8 traps supported are trivial.

A Macintouch reader adds some more serious claims -- that they appropriated GNU code and put their own copyright notice in the headers. Slashdot.org is also covering this issue.

A new Rhapsody for Intel Advocacy Group has been formed, with the aim to ensure that Apple's new OS continues to be developed for the Intel platforms past version 1.0.

A Techweb article notes how handheld PCs are more popular than ever, with the Palm Pilot in the lead by a wide margin.

Larry Ellison is at it again. The outspoken Oracle CEO accused Microsoft of "tacitly illegal" practices at an internet conference at Harvard University. "It's a very simple strategy. Take what you can't sell, glue it into the operating system and raise the price of the operating system," he said.

Salon Magazine readers, responding to a revent article that suggests that Microsoft should release the source code to Windows 95, expostulate on the likelihood, benefits, and implications of this move.

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