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28 August 1998

Opera Software announced that it will be releasing a version of its ultra-slim-and-fast web browser for the BeOS. This is in addition to promised versions for OS/2, MacOS, Psion, Amiga, and other platforms. All this porting is due in large part to Opera's "Project Magic" in which alternate OS users pledged that they would buy the browser if it were ported to their platform.

PBS's always-enjoyable I, Cringely column gives us a sneak preview into Bill Gates' federal deposition and takes on the non-existent Windows NT 5.0 this week. Interestingly, the article posits that taking on Netware head on might be the thing that really shows NT's weakness.

Also, Microsoft's Gates and Allen recently sold off over 2 billion dollars worth of stock and plan to sell more. Coincidence?

A News.com article asks Sun Microsystems what it plans to do to battle Windows NT. Sun is happy to provide some answers. It's a very interesting read. In a nutshell: NT is doomed, Sun is great, Linux is great too because it's fighting NT on Windows turf.

MSNBC of all places has more complete information on the Microsoft's secret Windows code which undermined competitors' DOS.

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