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28 May 1998

Macosrumors is reporting on the InfiniteOS people's response to the allegations of stealing code from LinuxPPC. They insist that it's the work of one person and that the code will be properly attributed.

MacNN Reality is reporting that Rhapsody will apparently not exist for long after its release, that it will be integrated into Mac OS X, and that Rhapsody for Intel will not go past version 1.0. Mac OS X, it is reported, will only run on G3 hardware. The Reality Editor seems to think these are good moves on Apple's part, but we think that, if it's true, it could seriously hamper any moves to increase Apple's market share.

It looks like IBM may be finally selling some Network Computers. Though the order of 2000 units is pretty small for a company like IBM, it's being heralded as a vote of confidence in an arena where few have ventured to tread thus far.

Read "The Case Against Linux" from ZDNN, which explains why Linux rose to power and why it won't go much further, and read Slashdot.org's reader responses: A Case For Linux.

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