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28 October 1997

The German computer magazine c't (I don't know how to pronounce that) has a very good review of the Rhapsody developer release. The English is passable, and if you're interested in Rhapsody specifics, but can't get the developer release, the is a must-read.

Sun Microsystems has made headway in getting Java standardized by the ISO with itself as the "gatekeeper". The upcoming United States vote is crutial, and is not assured. See c/net's article for more info. For more news on the Sun/MS Java Wars, see's Jousting over Java.

MacOS Rumors has some fun and useful tidbits, including advice on some booting problems that Rhapsody users are having. The suggestion: download an open firmware utility from the Linuxppc web site. Also check out the cheap developer prices on the fast new powermacs.

The Peak Rhapsody FTP site is an extensive repository of Rhapsody software.

For those Windows developers contemplating developing for Rhapsody, Willows Software has a toolkit for porting Windows apps to UNIX (and to Macintosh). Presumably, this technology could lead to some quick Rhapsody ports.

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