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So how do you like our new design? Check out a few pages and send your feedback. Our apologies for the previous platform-insensitive design, which did not display well on some browsers and platforms.

We hope you had, and continue to have, a wonderful holiday season. Last week was a slow news week, but we're dragged out something for today:

Macintouch has a preliminary spec for Sun's "bargain" Solaris workstation:

1.Darwin Ultra 5 (under $5000), Ultra 10 (under $10,000) 
2.3 or 4 PCI slots 
3.UltraSparc IIi at 270 or 300 MHz 
5.4GB (UltraSCSI?) disk 
6."breakthrough graphics performance" 
7.10/100 Ethernet 
8."packet-switched crossbar architecture"/1.6GB bandwidth 
9.Solaris 2.6 with Desktop Extensions, Java virtual machine and Netscape Navigator 
10.Run PC applications via PCI DOS card due next summer, SoftWindows 95
or Ntrigue application server; print and file server integration with PC networks 

Opera software's project to port its trim web browser to alternative platforms is moving along. A Christmas update informs us that:

You may be pleased to hear that we have just signed contracts with the OS/2 developers, and expect coding to commence any time now. We are also getting closer with a Mac development group, and hope to do the same there within the coming weeks. We have also been approached by a company offering their help to develop a Linux/X11 version of Opera. We hope to make progress on that front too.

Insignia Solutions is developing a product called Ntrigue, which "allows you to run Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Windows NT applications from any Java-enabled desktop or browser. Keoke, an open, portable protocol based on the X Window System standard, is designed for accessing NTRIGUE from Java desktops." If you have a T1 or better, try out their online demo. Seeing is believing, I guess.

According to Lan Times, Novell is making broad steps to integrate Java into its OS and directory services products. It will include a Java virtual machine and a Symantec Just In Time compiler with its next NetWare release due in mid '98. Shortly afterward, Novell plans to include expanded developer resources for working with Java and NetWare in tandem.

A Techweb article looks back on the year and determines that both the DoJ and Java dealt Microsoft a mean blow in 1997.

Stepwise has a very interesting article covering the ins and outs of the Mach microkernel, specifically its incarnation under OpenStep/Rhapsody.

Guy Kawasaki, longtime Apple Evangelist, is taking a (permanent?) leave of absence from apple to start a company called Garage.com, which is a startup designed to help startups. Could his departure signal the King Rat abandoning the sinking ship? We hope not.

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