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Macintouch's Ric Ford posted a very pessimistic editorial about the past year in the Macintosh world and the future of Apple. He doesn't seem to think that they will be able to make anything of Rhapsody, but suspects that it could reposition itself as an NC company.

Windows magazine has an extensive article about TCO, total cost of ownership and the threat that a typical Windows 95 PC's TCO poses to Microsoft. The average company's Win95 PC costs $9,784, including hardware, training, support, and lost time due to installing, configuring, and fixing software and the OS. This is the big opportunity for NC's reports the article. It talks about, and dismisses, Microsoft's NetPC plans, exploring other company's NC plans. Of course, it all comes back to Microsoft. What can you expect from a Windows magazine?

News.com has more information about the so-called Javagator from Netscape.

Lan Times suggests that "standardization could end up crippling Java."

Wired just discovered the vaporware, Mac-compatible COS operating system.

Wired News also has a short history of the GUI.

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