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2 July 1998

According to Macintouch readers who submitted feedback on the new PC-based Mac emulator Fusion, with a little more development it could turn into a true Mac OS on Intel solution. Users report amazing stability and speed for a product in this stage of development.

If you'd like to avoid Apple OSes and Intel chips altogether, a company called Micro UX is selling PowerPC-based Linux boxes. They also produce clones of IBM AIX PPC servers. However, it looks like they are not yet offering a system with the "G3" PowerPC 750 chips.

Amiga Inc. has published some conceptual screenshots of possible user interfaces for the upcoming Amiga 5.0, sponsored by Gateway.

A Computer Reseller News article announces the discontinuation of development of the "Javagator" Netscape browser for Java. Netscape's Marc Andreessen claims that independent developers are working with the Mozilla source code to port it to Java, but that Netscape is no longer interested in participating actively in development. Slashdot.org notes how Andreessen has changed his tune on Java since 1995.

Corel has officially launched the Netwinder, its Linux-based network computer. Their press release covers several examples of already-satisfied customers and the support that they have received from the Linux community. Available for as little as $699, the Netwinder is really a small footprint StrongARM-based Linux workstation.

Macosrumors claims that Apple's new iMac all-in-one consumer PC is indeed the Apple Network Computer that everyone was talking about last year, but that Apple decided to strip it of its NC name because NCs have lost their reptation in the computer world.

Sun Microsystems has announced its JavaPC Engine which allows companies to convert old PCs into functional NCs. JavaPC Engine 1.0 lets 486 and Pentium PCs running DOS and Windows applications run Java network-centric applications as well.

A Village Voice article covers Linux, the possibility of its threat to Microsoft, and where it is going in the future.

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