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2 March 1998

A Macintouch reader clarifies the relationship between Rhapsody and MkLinux, Apple's Microkernel version of Linux for Apple hardware in a letter.

Balcones Software, a Newton developer, has published an upbeat perspective on the future of the Newton. They say:

As a programmer, I'll miss the Newton OS and NewtonScript if they disappear. The Newton OS is a cool OS and NewtonScript is a really cool language, but users rarely benefit directly from the kind of technical advantages they provide. Users benefit from applications, and applications come from having lots of programmers working on a platform. A really good OS, language, and development environment can make up for a smaller number of programmers, but only so much.

Another Newton developer, Walletware, has put together an article exploring the advantages of a MacOS-based PDA from Apple. Imagine a handheld Photoshop workstation...

In the wake of the Newton announcement, an MSNBC article covers Apple's plans to move to a light version of the Mac OS for its hand held devices and eMate. According to the article, the Palm Pilot dealt a blow to the Newton, and Apple may be trying to leapfrog 3com's little giant by giving its PDAs access to the huge library of MacOS applications.

A Byte Magazine editorial entitled "Why the industry's current mania to divide up the world into proprietary camps won't work" points out how important diversity and choice are in the operating system world. No one vendor has a solution for everybody, not even Microsoft, so it's important that there are lots of solutions, and that they work well together.

A 32bitsonline article covers the importance of offering hardware available with GNU/Linux pre-loaded.

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