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2 September 1998

Macworld reviewed the Qube microserver, a miniature Linux-on-MIPS server with Web serving, e-mail, DNS, file-sharing, document-archive, and threaded-discussion servers. It's easy to administer, relatively inexpensive, and very cool looking.

Mac OS 8.5 is on the verge of shipping, and will be a welcome upgrade for Mac users. The new OS has expanded search bapability that allows users to perform a full text search of their documents and perform internet searches outside the browser, it has networking performance that's faster than Windows NT and fully PowerPC native AppleScript. All in all, speed and stability have been improved tremendously, whetting users' appetites for Mac OS X.

Microsoft testified that they had the right to modify Java, and that they didn't force developers to use Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 with all the Microsoft java "enhancements" intact. They contend that developers can use Microsoft tools to develop "pure" Java applets, so no legal action should be taken against them.

Novell is exploiting Windows NT delays with a new release of Novell Directory Services for Windows NT.

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