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30 April 1998

A letter published on Macintouch talks about the public Windows 98 crash, the primary investigator of which spoke at a USB conference is Silicon Valley, and has an interesting comparions of USB vs FireWire technology.

Eric Brown has updated and moved his PDA Comparison Page, "the most detailed comparisons of PDAs, handheld computers, palmtops, palm-sized computers, and PalmPCs to be found anywhere." If you would like to compare the merits and and features of handheld devices and their respective OSes, look no further.

A Jesse Berst story exposes Microsoft's tactic of announcing future products to steal the wind out of competitors' sales whenever it falls behind. Windows NT 5.0 is 18 months behind schedule, and may not appear until 2000. But you'll never hear Microsoft admit that.

A San Francisco Chronicle review examines a new biography of Ada Lovelace, who can be called the inventor of the first programming language. She, in essence, programmed Babbage's first computer. While we're on the subject of reviews, there's a film about Ada Lovelace called "Conceiving Ada" which played at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Don't bother seeing it if you have the opportunity. It was disappointing.

Network Computing Online has a short article about Be.

ZDNet just discovered how difficult it is to buy a computer with anything besides Windows installed on it.

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