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Macintouch published a very interesting account of someone who installed Windows NT server on a G3 Power Macintosh running Virtual PC. Though we don't usually cover the Mac or NT, this is a good example of what can be done with emulation. They also ran a Sybase database in NT emulated on the Mac and the performance was quite acceptable.

News.com has an article debating Java's place in the scheme of things: as a "windows killer" environment or as a complement to existing infrastructure. The answer: both. Sun is forging ahead with its 100% pure Java initiative, but seems to be softening up on the idea of java also working well from within Windows. Either way, 1998 may be the year for Java.

Microprocessor developers are working on dedicated "Java chips," reports Wired News. Though corporations are not too interested in a Java only microprocessor, especially since Java hasn't proven itself to them yet, IBM is working on tweaking its PowerPC processor with a hard-coded virtual machine.

In more Java news, News.com looks back on the 1997 year in Java. A synopsis: Sun came out the winner, and the Java momentum is picking up. Microsoft? Java is only one of their problems.

News.com also speculates on the shaky future of the Newton.

A Lan Times article covers Apple's current problems and points to Rhapsody, NCs, and an internet-centered strategy as a possible solution. Much of the article seems to be focused on TCP/IP networking problems that were solved years ago, though, so I'm not sure what more internet functionality they suggest. It's kind of a confusing article, so judge for youself.

High technology psychic Christopher Barr predicts that in 1998 the NC will hit it big, Microsoft will get hit hard by the DoJ, and Java will take big business by storm. He also warns that Apple will be in big trouble if it doesn't release Rhapsody by September.

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