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30 January 1998

According to Macosrumors, one of the reasons for the recent change in the Rhapsody reelease schedule ("premiere" and "unified" releases were scheduled, but now a second developer release and a single consumer release are on the way) is that the team has been working on improvements that will facilitate the development of Windows compatibility solution. It appears likely that the first consumer release will run Windows applications in some way.

MSNBC suggests that Netscape's plan to release Communicator's source code to the public could result in leaps in quality, possibly producing products the caliber of Linux. The article continues with a history of Linux and a very favorable glimpse into its future.

Wired News also reports on the Netscape/Linux parallel.

Stepwise has several new articles, most notably a report from Macworld's "Rhapsody Row" collection of Rahpsody developers and an interview with Ernest Prabhakar, Apple Rhapsody Product Marketing Manager.

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