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30 June 1998

Sorry for the lapse in daily news. It's June and wedding bells are in the air. OS News staffers David Adams and Beth Rodgers were married June 27 (to each other) while Jason Archibald, another OS News editor, was married two weeks ago and just left for a honeymoon in Egypt. But the news goes on.

IBM previewed its next release of OS/2 Warp Server, which will allow IT managers to administrator Windows NT servers from an OS/2 server.

Are you wondering what the OS market share picture will look like in 2001? Well, PC World has published its estimates. Windows NT, Linux, and OS/2 are the only ones predicted to gain market share.

Holy Toledo! Macosrumors has a screenshot of the most extensive emulation we've ever heard of. It a Macintosh emulating Win95 (VPC), emulating MacOS (Fusion), emulating the GameBoy (Virtual GameBoy), emulating Windows CE (WinBoy), emulating the Newton OS (NewtonCE), emulating the Pilot (CoPilot for Newton), and finally emulating Linux (Linux for Pilot)

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