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30 March 1998

In a bold move to protect its intellectual property, Microsoft patended the digits one and zero, which they have been using to create software since 1975. (Note: this is a spoof)

A strong MicroTimes article discusses the many problems that people have with "easy to use" GUIs like Windows95. Sure, children can easily learn to use Windows, but they could also learn Unix just as easily - learning new things is what children do. The GUI allows people to be lazy and not learn anything, but the appearance of ease is deceiving, because, because Windows95 is not as intuitive as it seems.

Quicktime 3 is now available for download.

ZD Net's Windows 98 countdown has all the latest information about Windows 98, which it reports will be out June 25. Also, at the bottom of the page is a link to their recent alternative operating system article.

An Andrew Stone editorial at rhapsodyos.com discusses Apple's silence regarding the OS and its release dates.

Siamese Systems is promoting a Motorola-on-PCI card option that would allow a standard Wintel PC owner to run Amiga or Mac operating systems inside their PC, using all their current PC hardware and running the alternate OS in a window inside Windows.

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