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30 October 1997

C/net is exposing the future Betamaxes and 8 track tapes of the technology world in a column entitled "10 Technologies that Don't Stand a Chance." Judge for yourself. BTW, one of those doomed technologies is Java.

Ralph Nader has published an article in Microsoft's magazine Slate entitled "The Microsoft Menace: Why I'm leading a crusade to stop its drive for cyberspace hegemony." In it, he outlines his motivation for setting up the upcoming conference in Washington D.C. which will examine Microsoft's practices.

A Ric Ford editorial for MacWeek points out how Rhapsody is different from UNIX and MacOS.

The Age, a Melbourne, Australia, newspaper, is covering the release of Rhapsody. It also covers the uproar that was caused in the aftermath of a Yale administrator's letter stating that Yale will no longer support macs (even though the university is over 50% Macintosh). It was discovered later that the letter coincided with a $3.4 million grant request from Intel.

Controversy flies regarding Rhapsody/Oracle/Mac Network Computers, according to a MacWeek article.

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