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31 August 1998

If you're curious about the Be OS but you don't want to purchase the retail version, partition your drive and install it, Be has produced a bootable CD-ROM version of the Be OS for your tinkering pleasure. The catch: it can only write data to a floppy disk. They're giving them away at their cost, so order yours today.

Salon 21st has an interview/walkabout with Richard Stallman, the grandfather of Open Source software. With such an irreverent figure, the article makes for good reading, and it provides some real insight into the world of free software - much more than the side show mentality guiding most mainstream press about it.

PC Week is recommending that businesses take Windows NT 5.0 beta for a test drive, because when it is released "Windows NT 5.0 has the potential to save corporations a good deal of money."

The new Oracle8i database will be chock full of features that "will make the operating system become less relevant over time" according to Oracle.

MSNBC has the part two of its foray into installing and using Linux. The author still loves Linux, and tells about VA Research and their pre-configured Linux workstations.

There's a new version of Bochs for Windows. It's a PC emulator for Windows useful for running Windows or Linux.

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