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31 March 1998

The Netscape source code is being released today. Good luck being able to get decent transfer rates from their servers.

Indiana University has contracted with Microsoft to use exclusively Microsoft products. All faculty, students, and departments have unlimited use of MS operating systems and productivity software for four years. People will still be free to purchase other products with their own funds. Microsoft has announced that this will not be the last deal of this kind.

Lucent and Digital are teaming up to release what they call "first complete, low-cost web phone kit for vendors and Internet service providers who want to bring the Internet to people who aren't using computers." This phone runs on the Inferno network operating system and the StrongARM processor.

SCO announced today that UnixWare 7, SCO's newly launched advanced operating system for volume Intel servers, has won BYTE Magazine's Best Operating System award at this year's CeBIT show, held this week in Hannover, Germany

In the face of increasing pressure, Novell is changing its tune. CEO Eric Schmidt announced at Novell's BrainShare show that "NetWare is a specialized network-services platform, not a general-purpose OS." The company will be working to enhance compatibility with other network operating systems such as Unix and NT.

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