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3 April 1998

An Associated Press article reports that experts are predicting that Windows 98 is going to be a flop. That is, due in large part to a perceived lack of notable features, people aren't going to run out in droves to buy the upgrade. Microsoft admits that it is shifting its focus to an upcoming consumer version of Windows NT, which exacerbates the problem, as even Windows power users take that as evidence that 98 is no big deal, even for Microsoft.

According to a TechWeb article, Netscape's Marc Andreessen, speaking to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group Wednesday, said that a combination of the Netscape source code and Linux operating system could eventually inseat Windows. He said that though Linux lacks an easy user interface, Netscape could provide one.

A PC Week editorial discusses the job that Unix fills for applications like the utility industry and the LA County Emergency Operating Bureau, and asks when NT would be able to fill a role that demands 100% stability.

Ric Rord's Macintouch editorial discusses a new Macintosh feature that could pave the way for a true network computer to come out of Apple: remote boot capability. Unix users have enjoyed this feature for years, which allows a computer to boot off of a netwok server instead of a local hard drive. Such capability could drive low cost, Rhapsody-served NCs by late this year.

By the way, Microsoft isn't really buying RedHat. April Fools!

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