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3 December 1997

We are on the eve of a momentous occasion in software development history. On October 10, Opera Software, makers of an ultra-slim and fast web browser for the Windows platform, announced publicly that it wished to develop for alternative platforms, but did not know how much interest there would be and was hesitant to outlay the resources beforehand. They asked if users of the Mac OS, OS/2, Be, and Linux would be willing to pre-pay $50 (or more) for a copy of the Opera web browser for their platform. Less than two months later, they received enough support from the Mac and OS/2 fronts that they plan to begin development for those platforms immediately. As noted on their web site, they were also surprized at the support they received form Be users, and dismayed that the Linux community was not represented as well. If you would like to add your support for this project, visit their site.

Caldera will be teaming up with Prentice Hall to bring its OpenLinux product to the education market, bundled with a web server handbook.

Wired magazine just discovered that the Amiga is back.

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