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A persistent rumor reported in Macosrumors is that Microsoft is interested in the Be OS. The excitement generated by Be's upcoming Intel release may be fueling the flames.

Read our new editorial: The Computer My Mom Needs. Have you tried to teach your parents to use a computer lately?

A very interesting San Jose Mercury News article tells about a secret porting of the Macintosh OS to the Intel architecture five years ago. A collaborative effort between Novell and Apple, the plan succeeded but the nascent OS was killed because of internal politics and the fact that no PC manufacturers were enthusiastic about shipping Mac/Intel machines. This story is especially timely in light of Apple's upcoming Rhapsody for Intel developer release, due out within two weeks.

MacKiDo Temple asks "What is an NC?" Giving insight, history, and a little speculation about Network Computers.

People are beginning to notice the weaknesses inherent in Intel's x86 microchip. A ZDnet article, ironically mirrored at Gateway 2000's web site, points out that Digital and Sun Microsystems' new chips have made significant jumps in performance over the past two years, while Intel's flagship the Pentium Pro, has stagnated. This gives the UNIX systems powered by the RISC Alpha and Sparc a real boost over the Windows NT systems on the Pentium. Moreover, Windows NT has not proven its prowess when using multiple processors.

This article isn't new, but it's a modern classic. PC Computing's now-famous Windows NT Lies.

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