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3 September 1998

Microsoft honcho Steve Ballmer's address at the Seybold conference was interesting on several levels. He acknowledged that Microsoft is worried about Linux, Apache, and other free software, but stated that they don't think that free sofware has much to offer to consumers. He also restated Microsoft's commitment to the Macintosh platform, but gloated about inroads MS has made into the publishing arena.

Computer Reseller News explores the subtext of Ballmer's speech: that Microsoft might open up more of its Windows source code to developers.

Caldera has reorganized into two subsidiaries; on focusing on OpenLinux and another on its thin client products, such as DR-Webspyder, an internet suite for obsolete DOS-based hardware.

A new study has determined that high speed internet access through DSL, cable modems, and other technology will be rolled out much quicker than many people expected. One fourth of all households online will be online at high speed, according to the study.

An MSNBC article has some interesting insight into behind the scenes dealmaking between Microsoft and Novell over Java that Bill Gates nixed because it undermined the Windows advantage.

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