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4 February 1998

The Washington Post reported that Bill Gates was hit full in the face by a Cream pie while entering a meeting with business and government leaders in Belgium. Two perpitrators were caught, but Microsoft says it will not press charges. Whether or not the pie throwers were Linux users is unclear, and it's not up to us to say whether Bill deserved it.

IBM unvelied a one gigahertz microprocessor which uses its new copper technology. They also discussed an upcoming 500 MHz version of its PowerPC 750 chip. The 1 gig chip will be first used in IBM's RS/6000 servers, and it is unclear when the technology may be appropriate for other PPC-using operating systems like Apple's upcoming Rhapsody OS or Linux PPC.

The Software Publisher's Association (SPA) came out with an unusually strong set of "Competition Principles" which seem to directly address the issues surrounding the Microsoft anticompetitive practices allegations. The SPA condems many of the practices of which Microsoft is accused, including: "The operating system vendor should not include its own services or products as part of the operating system or user interface unless it gives the same ability to integrate products and services into the operating system to competing vendors. Competition for the valuable "virtual real estate" of the desktop should instead occur downstream in the distribution system."

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. has licensed Java to include it in the next versions of its popular BSDI Internet Server and other products.

A reader of Jesse Berst's Anchordesk column tells him a thing or two about Linux in response to his gushy diatribe about the benefits of Windows NT. Join the fray.

A Techweb article asserts that Apple's Rhapsody has been "relegated" to service as a server OS. Essentially, the article poses many of the same questions that many Rhapsody fans have voiced concerning the uncertain direction that Apple's new OS is moving in. Since Gil Amelio, who hatched the Rhapsody scheme, resigned and Steve Jobs took over, Apple's OS strategy has gotten fuzzy, despite claims that the Mac OS will remain at the core. (no pun intended)

A Techweb review of Rhapsody and the Blue Box from last week is also interesting.

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