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4 June 1998

PC Week has a short review of the Rhapsody DR2, noting its many improvements and more mac-like interface.

The Linux Weekly News is covering the likely possibility that Linux will be certified by the Unix98 program. The Linux community has feared that Unix vendors would try to shut out Linux, but it turns out that Linux's inroads into the low end server market, which Unix vendors have all but relinquished to Microsoft, could act as a buffer between them and the NT jugernaut.

On the other hand, the Gartner Group released a study claiming that free Unix "Unix systems at free or minimal charge will lack the performance tuning, scalability and hardware platform support to make them suitable for large commercial applications" and that "Linux will not displace mainstream commercial Unix versions from IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and The Santa Cruz Operation in the next five years as commercial Unix vendors shift focus to Windows NT"

A Ralph Nader and Co. press release covers their presence at Uniforum '98 in Ocean City, MD to advocate competition in the operating system arena. The release notes the irony of the federal government attacking Microsoft on one side, while the Department of Defense continues to buy Windows NT machines which do not meet the security requirements that the government requires.

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