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4 March 1998

Greg Lindsay wrote an excellent article about the Be OS for Salon Magazine. This is one of the few articles I've seen that goes beyond, "hey, the BeOS exists, and it matters now that it will run on Intel." The article tries to get at the reason's for Be's uncanny success - especially considering that they don't even have a released product yet.

As Greg mentioned it in his article, Be Dope is a gem of a web site that delivers daily Be "news." The fact that none of it is actually true is the best part - it's humor for Be geeks.

An apparently organized attack yesterday crashed hundreds of Windows NT servers around the US. The attack, "exploits a glitch in the Windows NT program by instructing the computer to devote excessive memory resources to solve a problem that can't be solved." Some reports stated that Linux servers were also suceptible.

A Reuters article suggests that Bill Gates' behavior at the Senate hearing demonstrates that Microsoft finally recognizes the danger that this scrutiny represents. According to the article, the Redmond company and its CEO are showing that they are under a lot of pressure.

IBM will be licensing the Java Chip from Sun Microsystems. The Java-specific microprocessor is targeted toward low cost consumer and business devices.

Red Hat Linux 5.0 was named a "recommended best buy" by PC Direct, a UK-based computer magazine.

Does all this Microsoft Monopoly talk have you intrigued? Check out the Boycott Micro$oft site for more ammo.

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