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4 May 1998

Virtual PC, a PC emulator for Macintosh hardware, allows a user to set up virtual drives containing the entire PC OS and files. A Macintouch reader explains how he uses this system to test Windows software. The advantage is that he can make backups of the entire environment, then just throw them away if they degrade. He also covers two dreaded Windows ailments: Progressive Windows Degradation (PWD) and Windows Plague.

If you're frustrated about Apple's tight-lipped policy about product and OS strategy, your wait may nearly be over. Steve Jobs has announced that a May 6 announcement will be a milestone.

A ZDNet article describes the Jetsons future that's just around the corner, with home automation and low cost, high reliability consumer computing appliances. The article notes that, "PCs are incapable of doing (a home network). They are not robust enough to handle multiple elements." I'm sure we can think of a few OSes that are a little closer than others, though.

Your Mileage May Vary is covering Microsoft's hypocritical claims that the technological world as we know it will come crashing down if the government imposes any kind of restrictions on it.

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