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4 September 1998

Corel has made announcements regarding currently shipping and upcoming NetWinder workstations and servers. The NetWinder WS will be a web server for ISPs and small businesses, while the NetWinder LC will be a diminuative Linux workstation for desktop use.

Apple has caused a small uproar among search engines with Mac OS 8.5's web search capability, known as Sherlock. Search engines support themsleves by attracting searchers to their sites and keeping them there as long as possible. Sherlock bypasses the whole frustrating process. Negotiations are in progress to come to a mutually benefitial arrangement. As it stands, Sherlock does display banner ads on its search results page.

The FedEx CTO addressed his company's needs for a better, less expensive thin client solution.

Speaking of thin clients, ClienTec is shipping a new thin client machine, which is being touted as a revolutionalry device because the processor and other components are in the keyboard. Does anyone remember the Commodore 64?

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