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5 August 1998

Sun Microsystems and IBM have jointly rolled out JavaOS for Business, a new java-based operating system. According to their announcement, this new Java OS is intended for companies that want to use centralized servers to deliver applications to client computers.

From Slashdot: A Microprocessor Report article outlines some of the obstacles standing in the way of Intel's highly hyped Merced release.

Macosrumors has a preliminary report from a Black Orifice user, who claims that the new cracker app works as promised, and that he was able to wreak havok on a Windows 95 test machine, security measures notwithstanding.

Scary news on the Mac OS X front: According to Macintouch, Apple Execs are reportedly rejecting Open Transport's STREAMS architecture for Mac OS X. This is despited extensive developer support and the existence of high security Mac firewalls that depend on the technology.

A USA Today article reports that demand for set top internet devices is still high and is on the rise. The biggest draw for these devices is the possibility of providing data that accompanies traditional programming, such as sports stats and accompaniment of educational programming. Such programming is still scarce.

A ZD study has determined that Intel's dominance of the microprocessor market is lessening. A large number of people surveyed would be willing to consider competing chips. Also, many of the low cost PCs which are so popular are made with lower-cost Intel clones from AMD and Cyrix, whose combined marketshare for the sub $1000 PC is 60%.

If you'd like to see what the Linux faithful think about John Lambert's experiences learning Linux, read the Slashdot discussion.

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