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5 February 1998

Macosrumors has some insight into Apple's "convergence" OS strategy, which may involve a "lite" version of the upcoming Mac OS 8.2, which will run on Newton and eMate products and the upcoming Apple NC. This will apparently not just be a new thin client OS, but will integrate with the full-blown Mac OS, and presumably Rhapsody as well.

Hewlett Packard will be optimizing Java for Intel's upcoming 64 bit "Merced" processor. They are hoping that this will make their version of Unix, HP-UX, a more desirable platform.

TechWeb's Tech Investor noticed that the Be OS exists and wrote a little article about it. It mentions that the Be OS for Intel will be ready for the Be developer conference in San Francisco next month.

Info World named Red Hat Linux 5.0 its operating system of the year.

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