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5 June 1998

Amiga Inc has posted a photo of a prototype Amiga developer system. It's exciting that there is a prototype, but the photo isn't all that exciting. It just looks like a PC.

MacKido has a wildly speculative editorial on the possibility of an Apple OS that runs on Intel hardware. It's well thought out, covers a lot of bases, and assumes that Intel hardware does play some part in Apple's long term OS strategy. We'll see.

A Fortune covers Apple's OS strategy, though it views the Rhapsody vs Mac OS X issue rather simplisticly. More importantly, at the end, the author writes: "Many of you know that when I joined my venture capital firm two years ago, I got our office to switch entirely to Windows software, both for our network servers and our personal machines. Now I look back and try to see what benefit we got from making that switch. The answer is simple: not much. The machines don't work very well. The software is hard to learn and inconsistent, and programs don't mesh as well as you would expect." That's a refreshing change. I wonder how many corporations that retired Unix or Mac machines have actually evaluated the results of that decision?

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