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5 May 1998

APC Magazine, an Australian computer magazine, published a series on vintage computing, covering the history and the legacy of the Commodore Amiga, the Apple Lisa, The Sinclair Spectrum, and CP/M.

Also, at APC Magazine's discussion forum, the topic of discussion is: "Do we need another specialised operating system, or does the growth of the Open Software movement make it redundant?" They cover the evolution of the free desktop environment in another article.

Wayne Huang, from Vroom Studios, psychoanalyzes Wintel users and looks deeper into the tremendous Windows marketshare. The essay primarily addresses the "why Windows over Mac" question, but the evaluation of the psychological implications of Windows dominance is universal.

In a major psychological boost for the Mac platform, Intuit and Apple jointly announced today that Intuit will continue to develop Quicken for the Mac, after announcing a couple of weeks ago that they would cease. Apparently Steve Jobs showed the folks at Intuit what they have been up to and they changed their minds.

The Age reviews Intel's new network computer.

Do you have a favorite operating system? Well put your money where your mouth is for a good cause. Vote for your favorite OS with a donation for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. So far Linux is the big leader, with Mac OS a distant second.

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