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5 November 1997

Tenacious Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is going after Microsoft for its "monopoly" practices. As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he's in a position to leverage even more scrutiny of Microsoft's business practices. Utah-based software firms Novell and WordPerfect have been particularly hard hit by Microsoft over the past few years.

Speaking of Novell, the beleagueared network software company is revamping its product strategy to center it around Java. According to Techweb, Novell "will rewrite all its network services in Java, including file and print, directory, etc. This will finally give the services, Novell's crown jewels, the portability Novell has been talking about for years and spell a gradual end to the venerable NetWare Loadable Module."

Though these articles aren't new, an OS News reader who also writes for Pathfinder's Netly News Network pointed out articles he's written about Lucent's Inferno and Be OS.

A recent ZDNet article about Apple Computer's problems and how to solve them contends that people don't want an alternative operating system, and recommends selling Apple to Microsoft.

On the other hand, there's a favorable ZDNet review of Rhapsody DR1.

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