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6 August 1998

Macintouch has more on the seemingly never-ending debate over Streams vs. BSD networking for Apple's new OS. It seems that Apple is committed to BSD networking, and will be using NetBSD source code. Mac OS X will support most of the Open Transport APIs for the sake of backward compatibility, but it looks like streams is out of the picture.

Ogrady's Powerpage has detailed information on installing Linux on a new G3 Powerbook, which makes a mighty fast portable workstation. We hope to try it ourselves soon with a new 333 MHz powerbook to find out just how fast.

News.com asks, "Is Merced doomed?" Answer: likely.

A mere 100 "show stopping" bugs stand in the way of a Windows NT 5.0 beta 2 release. Microsoft demoed their fledgling OS to Unix and NT developers on tuesday, demostrating one of these shop-stoppers by crashing the computer in the middle of the demo.

Ralph Nader's Consumer Project on Technology is planning a second conference on Microsoft's dominance next year. In the mean time, Nader's office has replaced Windows 95 with Linux on office PCs.

Linux Weekly News is noting the conspicuous absence of FUD in the bevy of Linux articles lately. The tired-old "no support" argument has gone the way of the dinosaur. How long until the the Linux disaster stories start to come out, the editorial asks.

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