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Will wonders never cease. Due in part to draconian cutbacks, Steve Jobs announced today in his Macworld keynote address that Apple Computer will post a $45 million profit on revenue of $1.575 billion. Stock price is rising, and this bodes better for Apple's Rhapsody plans, which have been practically back burnered in their struggle to regain profitability.

Matthew Ignash let us know about efforts at porting Doom to the Amiga platform, which hint at Amiga's currenty viability as a platform, even today.

Now that ID software has released the sourcecode for the original DOOM game, amateur authors have taken to porting it to their system of choice.

For instance three different efforts have brought the game to the Amiga platform. All versions are available at http://www.pluk.com/ for downloading.

The game was very playable on the 50mhz Amiga system I tested it on. It ran in full color full resolution glory on my trusty Amiga 1200 made in 1993. More interesting is the fact that thanks to the Amiga's multitasking OS, the rest of my system never skipped a beat. I could play music files, format floppies, and use the internet all while playing DOOM.

Be and UMAX have annouced that the Be OS will be bundled with the UMAX Mac clones. According to at joint press release:

"We've had a very strong response to our market trials of bundling the BeOS on some of our high-end machines," said Peter Mehring, General Manager of UMAX Computer Corporation. "With the ever-growing number of BeOS applications aimed at home and professional users, and the future potential they hold, we're delighted to be able to offer the BeOS bundled with all our machines."

As reported in MacNN, Tenon has an Apache port for Rhapsody available. They suggest:

"Apple has already provided a port of Apache, however because there are performance problems with the current Apple port, you may want to use Tenon's port as an interim measure until Apple refines their port. We've measured this 'vanilla' Apache at about 180 hits/second. This Apache should not be confused with WebTen, Tenon's enhanced Apache.The newest WebTen sustains more than 700 hits/second on Mac OS. Tenon will have a version of WebTen for the Rhapsody premier release. This public domain version of Apache is designed for people who want to get started using Apache on Rhapsody immediately."

We reported a few weeks ago about the Win32-OS/2 project, which aims to provide easy conversion of Windows apps to native OS/2. The OS/2 e-zine has an interview with Timur Tabi and Peter Fitzsimmons about the project.

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